Idlib Lives is a project from the human rights organisations The Syria Campaign and Peace Direct in partnership with Idlib’s brave and life-saving civil society groups. Through written updates from the Syria Campaign and photos and videos from people on the ground, Idlib Lives spotlights some of the province’s leading activists and tells stories of daily life in northwest Syria.

Stories from Idlib

Learning under bombardment

Since April, the regime and Russia have bombed 60 schools, while others have been deserted as whole populations flee Assad and Russia’s attacks. More than 200 schools are being used as temporary shelters by displaced families. As a result, 350,000 of Idlib’s 650,000 school-age children are out of education. Read more

Mass displacement in Idlib

Between 13 and 14 August alone, around 40,000 people fled their homes, according to local monitoring organisation the Response Coordination Group, as regime forces began making rapid inroads into civilian areas. They join the 530,000 people who have been displaced since the bombing began on 26 April, according to the Syrian Network for Human Rights. Read more

The aftermath of airstrikes

The regime and Russia continue to bomb northwest Syria, targeting schools, hospitals and civilian neighbourhoods. Since the offensive began in April, 835 civilians have died, including 201 children, and 500,000 people have been displaced. Read more

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Idlib Lives report

Exploring the crucial role civil society is playing in Idlib, Syria.

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