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Idlib, in particular Saraqeb and Maaret al-Numan, with a history of resistance to dictatorship and extremism, hosts People Displaced from all over Syria over the last 9 years. More than 3 million civilians are living in Idlib now. On December 22nd, White Helmets teams documented the targeting of 16 locations with 57 airstrikes, 19 of which were caused by Russian warplanes. All amidst international inaction and indifference.

Bear witness and take action on what is happening in Idlib, Syria.

Today, civilians in Idlib are living the horror of death and displacement at the mercy of the relentless campaign of bombardment by the Russian and Syrian government planes, as well as military land incursions by the forces of the Syrian government, all amidst international inaction and indifference.

We need to use all the power, influence and platforms we have to demand: 

  • Stop the deliberate targeting and the forced displacement of civilians. After all, the technology is available to recognize the noncombatant status of families, with the imperative to cease from targeting them.
  • Call upon all parties and states/governments involved in the Syrian conflict, especially Russia, Turkey, and Iran as guarantors of the de-escalation agreement, to commit to protecting the lives of civilians across northern Syria.
  • Agitate to make the UN Security Council responsible in monitoring adherence to international humanitarian and human rights laws and to hold perpetrators accountable for war crime violations – even if member states complicit in this massacre have seats in the UNSC.
  • Ensure immediate protection to displaced civilians and provide immediate shelter, medical and food resources.

In the midst of so much despair and  inaction, here are 5 ways YOU can support Idlib

  1. STAND IN SOLIDARITY: Sign this civil society statement with the above demands.
  2. GET INFORMED & SPREAD THE WORD: You can follow news and stories from Idlib on the pages and accounts below. Share information about the situation and demands with your friends and colleagues. You can use the hashtags #SaveIdlib & #IdlibUnderFire.
  1. LOBBY: Pick up the phone or write to your representatives right now and ask them to #SaveIdlib. Let them know that we are watching, and we demand an end to the massacres. You can use the information in the statement above to write your message.
  2. ORGANIZE: Organise a pamphleting drive, demonstration or vigil in your city, including at Russian embassies and consulates, to show solidarity across borders with the people of Idlib. Here is a pamphlet you can use during your action. 
  3. DONATE: If you would like to donate to relief efforts, we recommend donating to the following appeals we highly trust: 

Artwork by Diala Brisly