Idlib Lives brings you stories from women’s groups, human rights organisations and civil society leaders who continue to operate blood banks, run mobile libraries, train entrepreneurs and provide services to some of the 3 million people in northwest Syria. Though Idlib Lives primarily focuses on Idlib province and the brave civil society activists there, it will also spotlight people in neighbouring Hama and Aleppo countryside.

Millions of people in Syria’s northwest live in fear of an attack by the Syrian regime, which is desperate to regain control of this part of the country. The constant threat of an assault plus the presence of armed groups in the region, makes life difficult for many. Hundreds of thousands of people live with little food, lacking access to healthcare, adequate water supplies and electricity. Many have been displaced to the northwest from across Syria with 210,000 people living in displacement camps in Idlib alone.

In the face of such a vast humanitarian challenge, civil society organisations have increased in size and number, providing aid and comfort to those in need. Whether it’s an ambulance attached to a motorbike, food baskets for hungry families or a woman turning her displacement tent into a school, community leaders are doing everything they can to help look after people and keep them safe.

The Syria Campaign and Peace Direct, two impartial human rights organisations, created Idlib Lives in coordination with partners across northwest Syria. The website is updated by The Syria Campaign and for more information, email [email protected]