Mass displacement in Idlib

Between 13 and 14 August alone, around 40,000 people fled their homes, according to local monitoring organisation the Response Coordination Group, as regime forces began making rapid inroads into civilian areas. They join the 530,000 people who have been displaced since the bombing began on 26 April, according to the Syrian Network for Human Rights. Read more

The aftermath of airstrikes

The regime and Russia continue to bomb northwest Syria, targeting schools, hospitals and civilian neighbourhoods. Since the offensive began in April, 835 civilians have died, including 201 children, and 500,000 people have been displaced. Read more

The bombing of my health centre

A month after the bombing of our health centre, the UN does not seem able to stop the regime and Russia nor to condemn their brutal crimes. But the absolute minimum they owe us is the honesty to tell the truth about who is targeting us. It is to their shame that they refuse to do so. Read more

Women and the Syrian conflict

The stories of Syrian women’s struggles are of the forced marriages as a result of war, loneliness, and displacement, having to leave school, abandon their dreams. This war is a curse that women have suffered from the most. It made some of us stronger, but also broke many of us. Read more

Nobel laureates condemn bombing

Sixty prominent international medics, including Nobel Laureates, have signed an open letter demanding an end to Russian and Syrian airstrikes on medical facilities. Read more

Medics: ‘Stop the bombing’

Around 400 medics, rescue workers and humanitarians have signed an open letter calling on the key players in northwest Syria—Russia, Turkey and members of the UN Security Council—to stop the bombing in the region. Over the past two weeks, the regime and Russia bombed 13 medical facilities out of service, forcing hospitals to cancel all medical appointments except the provision of emergency care. Read more

Voices of displacement

For years, northwest Syria has been home to millions of civilians fleeing conflict and bloodshed elsewhere. Now, as regime and Russian airstrikes bombard the region, around 180,000 people have been displaced since 29 April. But with the border to Turkey closed, there is only so far they can move. These are the diaries of two women, one displaced and one helping the displaced, who are trapped in northwest Syria. Read more

Surviving a hospital bombing

My name is Mohamed and until 5 May, I worked as a surgeon at the Kafranbel Surgical Hospital in northwest Idlib. On 5 May, our thousands of patients were robbed of medical care and support when warplanes—believed to be Russian—bombed the hospital out of service. Read more

Regime, Russia launch offensive

The Syrian regime and Russia have begun an all-out offensive on northwest Syria, jeopardising the lives of more than 4.5 million civilians. Since 29 April, 150,000 people have been forced to flee their homes with 20 civilians being killed on 7 May alone. Read more

HTS Shuts Universities

The extremist group Hayat Tahrir al-Sham (HTS) has begun targeting universities in northwest Syria, shutting down two institutions over the past few months and forcing students to abandon degrees that some had been working for years to achieve. It is another reminder of HTS’s brutality and influence over northwest Syria, following the group's seizure of Idlib and the surrounding Aleppo countryside in January. Read more