Floods Hit Northwest

Spring rains have brought floods to northwest Syria, affecting tens of thousands of families living in tents in displacement camps and killing at least two people, including a child. Shelters have been washed away while people are left with soaked and freezing belongings, many in need of food, clean water and fuel. Read more

Assad Bombs Idlib

Since February, the Syrian regime has been escalating its attacks on northwest Syria, joined by its ally Russia in Moscow’s first major assault on the region in months. A combination of airstrikes, artillery shelling and cluster munitions have killed 146 people and wounded hundreds more. Read more


Winter in the camps

Tens of thousands of Syrians are enduring a brutal winter in flimsy tents spread across the country’s northwest. Temperatures have plummeted below zero while heavy rains have brought floods that have swept away tents and soaked people’s bedding and clothes. Read more

HTS Seizes Idlib

The militant group Hayat Tahrir al-Sham (HTS) is now in control of Idlib province and the neighbouring Aleppo countryside, following days of fierce fighting with the Turkish-backed National Liberation Front—a coalition of rebel groups in the northwest. Largely abandoned by Turkey, the Front has agreed to sign over all its territories to HTS, a former affiliate of Al Qaeda. Read more

Breaking the Ceasefire

On 2 November, the regime began bombing Jarjanaz village, which is home to 31,500 people and protected by the Idlib demilitarised zone. Since then, it has attacked the area on a near daily basis, killing at least 18 people in the past month. In fear for their lives, around 90 percent of the village’s population has fled to the surrounding areas, turning Jarjanaz into a ghost town. Read more

Mourning Raed Fares

In the last few weeks of his life, Raed Fares knew that he was in imminent danger. The man who had survived an assassination attempt and weathered countless death threats began telling friends and colleagues what to do after he was gone. On 23 November, unidentified gunmen drove towards Raed and shot and killed him along with his friend and fellow activist, Hamoud Jnayd. Read more


Idlib’s Uneasy Peace

Idlib is currently under an uneasy ceasefire, which takes the form of a demilitarised zone separating pro and anti-regime forces. The zone was agreed to by Russia and Turkey but it only has the begrudging assent of Assad who calls it a "temporary" measure. Assad still hopes to retake Idlib, something that would put the lives of its almost 3 million civilians at risk. Read more

Speed Reading

Throughout the Syrian conflict, Hurras Child Protection Network has delivered child protection services to more than 40,000 children and helped provide educational resources. Read more

Saving Lives in a War Zone

Badriya Sultan is a radiography technician who risked her own life to treat the victims of the Syrian conflict. She later set up her town’s first mammography machine, offering life-saving diagnoses to breast cancer patients. This is her story. Read more

‘Down With Assad!’

Every Friday, for the past few months, people in northwest Syria have gathered in large numbers to demand peace in the region and the fall of the Assad regime. Though this part of Syria is relatively conservative, women have held their own protests beside the men’s in defiance of social conventions. Read more