Idlib’s Uneasy Peace

Idlib is currently under an uneasy ceasefire, which takes the form of a demilitarised zone separating pro and anti-regime forces. The zone was agreed to by Russia and Turkey but it only has the begrudging assent of Assad who calls it a "temporary" measure. Assad still hopes to retake Idlib, something that would put the lives of its almost 3 million civilians at risk. Read more

Speed Reading

Throughout the Syrian conflict, Hurras Child Protection Network has delivered child protection services to more than 40,000 children and helped provide educational resources. Read more

Saving Lives in a War Zone

Badriya Sultan is a radiography technician who risked her own life to treat the victims of the Syrian conflict. She later set up her town’s first mammography machine, offering life-saving diagnoses to breast cancer patients. This is her story. Read more

‘Down With Assad!’

Every Friday, for the past few months, people in northwest Syria have gathered in large numbers to demand peace in the region and the fall of the Assad regime. Though this part of Syria is relatively conservative, women have held their own protests beside the men’s in defiance of social conventions. Read more


Getting to Know Idlib

Idlib is one of the last areas of Syria outside of regime control. Home to around 3 million civilians it is of vital importance both to the Syrian opposition and the Assad regime, which is desperate to retake it. But the people of Idlib are determined to try and remain free of the regime. Read more